New beta repository of policy-related studies on OER

Responding to demand from researchers and policy analysts we are gradually copying all the public reports from the EU-funded POERUP project and all our associated OER-relevant projects onto a repository called Policies for OER Uptake. This is hosted on the Canvas LMS which we use for much of our teaching and content development for ourselves and clients.

Canvas is a high-performance high-reliability industrial-strength globally-available LMS (or VLE as it is called in UK). It is not so well-known for a role in OER repositories bu we are very pleased with the initial results.

This work leverages on the work done to set up the open courses on the Summer MOOCs programme for the University of the West Indies Open Campus.

Note that the POERUP wiki (will open in new tab) is still running but especially for users outside North America it can suffer from slow performance.

An additional repository on Virtual Schools (K-12) is under construction!

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