Title services with five dots reflecting the Matic Media logo around the word services. An orange dot serves as the dot on the i in services. Three dots in red, yellow and dark green are vertically on the left side of the word. The final light green dot is over the letter s.

Matic Media Ltd offers the following range of services. Note that larger projects or those where parallel running or a wide range of skills are involved will usually involve Associates – often drawn from the Dualversity Alliance or other people experienced in to working with Paul on his various EU projects or in other organisations he works for or has worked for:

Strategic guidance to institutions, companies, national and international agencies
Advice on benchmarking e-learning, including strategic guidance, custom reports and workshops
Advice on schemes for quality of e-learning
Advice on costs of e-learning, including strategic advice, analysis of real-world situations and workshops on costings techniques (including Activity Based Costing)
Analysis of virtual universities and e-universities
Market research for e-learning propositions, both in the UK and worldwide (the latter normally in association with local associates)
Competitor research for e-learning material, courses and systems
Reports on IT options (especially network options) to support e-learning
Technology foresight
Change management
Procurement (both RFI and RFP phases)
Writing and winning bids
Content and online course development, especially when low-cost high-speed agile development is required