Reports on Deliverables

This list acts as a repository for all the deliverable reports from the VISCED Project.

Documents are in PDF format and will open in a new window.

  • D1.5 Intermediate Report
  • D1.6 Final Report Public
  • D2.1 Field Research Plan
  • D2.2 Interim Country Reports
  • D2.3 Interim Exemplars
  • D2.4 Final Country Reports
  • D2.5 Final Exemplars
  • D3.1 Typology of Services
  • D3.2 Influence Maps
  • D3.3 Potential Success Factors
  • D3.4 Innovative Practice Interim
  • D3.5 Policy Recommendations Interim
  • D3.6 Teacher Training Recommendations Interim
  • D3.7 Case Studies
  • D3.8 Innovative Practice Final
  • D3.9 Policy Recommendations Europe
  • D3.9a Policy Recommendations England
  • D3.9b Policy Recommendations Estonia
  • D3.9c Policy Recommendations Finland
  • D3.9d Policy Recommendations Portugal
  • D3.10 Teacher Training Recommendations Final

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