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A full list of publications by Paul Bacsich from his work not only at Matic Media Ltd but also Sero Consulting Ltd and all his previous employers can be found on Researchgate.


This page is the repository for the documents produced from the work Paul Bacsich and colleagues carried out on Costs of Networked Learning and related projects.

E-University Compendium

In this section you will find the various individual chapters of the Introduction to Virtual Universities and e-Universities, based around cases, issues and themes in higher education distance e-Learning.


A complete collection of all the UKeU Reports, originally published in 2004 by the Higher Education Academy (Now AdvanceHE).



In this section you will find reports on each deliverable of the POERUP project. All are available to download.

VISCED logo, VISCED letters are capitalised, a bumble bee sits next to the letters and the wording A Transnational Appraisal of School and College Provision sits below these.


This section provides evaluation reports on each VISCED deliverable, along with both VISCED handbooks. All are available to download.

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This section provides the main outputs for this project. All are available to download.

Further Key Publications from Paul on behalf of Matic Media Ltd

Presentations from Paul on behalf of Matic Media Ltd