Open Educational Resources in Adult Education/Adult Learning in the European Union – information wanted

I have been commissioned at Sero to do a report for the Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament on OER in Adult Education in the EU, to report by mid-March 2015. In this I will be assisted by Sero colleagues.

Obviously we shall leverage on POERUP and on three very relevant studies done for IPTS including OER4Adults but I want to make sure we are up to date with the last 6 months of information on important projects developing OER for use specifically in Adult Learning (rather than just “spilling over” into Adult Learning) – across all educational sectors: key skills (numeracy, literacy, IT skills, etc), school-level qualifications for adults, Vocational Education and Training, and University Education in a Lifelong Learning context.

We are particularly interested in the following Member States: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Sweden and Latvia, but relevant projects from any EU Member State are of interest.

Of course we shall be asking POERUP project staff as well as our network of consultants and advisors but we want a broader range of input.

While many of the countries were studied in 2012/13 in POERUP and most updated in spring 2014, Latvia was not one of these countries and Sweden was not updated in 2014. So these are of particular priority.

For policy aspects I shall be talking in depth to authors of EU-level and Member State OER-related policy documents, to perform a realignment of POERUP-style recommendations to the Adult Learning domain.

For more details see the page ADOERUP on the POERUP wiki.

Please contact me if you are a local expert with relevant information not previously involved in POERUP. For those who were, myself or Giles or Nick will shall be contacting them directly.

The 33 countries we specifically looked at in POERUP are linked from


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